Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Video: How a Real Skyrim Helmet Is Made

Volpinprops demonstrates the entire process of creating the Helm of Yngol from Skyrim.
"I had to cut a considerable amount out of this video. Lots of moldmaking, a lot of sculpting, and a ton of sanding. In the end, I think you can follow the general progression. Neither helmet is for sale, both were commissioned by private buyers and have been paid for already.

90% of this video was recorded on a GoPro, with a couple of shots at the end on a Nikon D3100. The files were ENORMOUS and I really don't have a proper editing rig, so don't expect things like this to happen too often!

Music on this video provided by the very talented Malukah! Free MP3, chords, and lyrics are here."

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