Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gallery: Deathly Hallows Tattoos

I just got this lat night at Immortal Canvas in Hamilton, Oh. Great place and the artist was amazing! I couldn't be happier.

These are my Harry Potter and Zelda tattoos. I love them so much. :D

Quickly racing towards 30, I realize I am probably far too old to have a Harry Potter tattoo. But hell, I figured if I was going to get one it might as well count.

Done in August of 2010 in my hometown of Bloomington Indiana at Skinquake. It has held up surprisingly well considering the placement.

Source: Kevin Seiler via Show Off Your Harry Potter Tattoos
Check out the design on DeviantArt.

The elder wand, stone of resurection, and cloak of invisibility. Deathly hallows.

This is my other HP tattoo. I wish my leg was a little fatter but whatever I love it and I wanted it to be kinda big. So I win.

Source: CheckOutMyInk

My first tattoo. It’s the Deathly Hallows symbol from Harry Potter and includes a quote from Dumbledore, “Let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”

I feel like adventure is something no one should be without.

Source: Nowherefa

I got this tattoo because I wanted to have this reminder with me, that happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. Harry Potter and this amazing world were there for me when the world I was living in was too terrible to bear, and now it’s with me always.

Source: ▲nαoкo

Harry Potter has always been such an important part of my life, so when I was thinking about my first tattoo, I knew wanted to honor the boy who lived. I ended up getting the Deathly Hallows symbol on my wrist. I got this done back in February and it still makes me smile to this day.

This and me and my Best Friends Harry Potter Tattoos! I have the Deathly Hallows and she has the Snitch. We LOVE Harry Potter, always have, and always will. They were both done at Pins and Needles Tattoo in Portland, Maine. (At different times)

My deathly hallows tattoo. It’s the first Harry Potter related tattoo I got, but more will follow. I got it for the same reason as everyone else on here - because Harry Potter is such a big part of my life and probably always will be.

Tattoo by Monique of Hieb- und Stichfest.

This is my tattoo. My first one also. Obviously, the Deathly Hallows symbol on my back. Which I designed to look as if someone had brushed it on in a frenzy before a spell was cast. It’s supposed to look a bit rustic and ancient, in a sense.

My first baby HP tat..."and at the heart of our schemes, the deathly hallows." form kings cross in book seven

Not quite done yet. But I'm loving it so far. Hippogryph and Hungarian Horntail with the symbol for Deathly Hallows and the Hogwarts motto between them. Toying with some other ideas right now, but this is it for now. The Deathly Hallows symbol was my first tat, and everything else got added in about a week ago.