Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gallery: Steampunk Sweeties

Incorporating a futuristic Victorian perspective on fashion, culture, and technology, steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that came to popularity in the eighties. Inspired and influenced by 19th century science fiction, steampunk is inexorably intertwined with a distinctive style that sets it apart and widely inspires cosplayers of all walks of life.  Here, we're gathered together a gallery some of the best examples of steampunk cosplay around the web.

“Steampunk: Sky Pirates” by Shappi

"Discoveries" by Coleria

Steampunk Lady by Murdock McMackin

(Modeled by Cassie Meder)

Photographed by Grant Brummett

Steaming Hot by =MarcoRibbe-de

Dragon*Con. Atlanta. 2010. Marriott-to-Peachtree-Center Walkway. ~

Simone by MV Partsch
Taken at Dragon*Con 2010 in Atlanta

Steampunk 02 by *AbArTick

2nd Encounter pt iiiby ~SteampunkChile

"The Keira Outfit" from Steampunk Couture
Modeled by Kato (Kate Lambert)

Steampunk Costume by Sylvain Leobon

Photographed by André M. Hünseler
Model: Neila Fynn

Photographed by FairShadow Photography
Model: Niamh

Photoshoot to promote the forthcoming Steampunk Exhibition at Bradford Industrial Museum.

The exhibition will display costumes, objects, artwork and memorabilia loaned by local Steampunk enthusiasts. These will sit alongside Bradford Museums & Galleries permanent collections of late19th and early 20th century steam powered technology.

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Model: Nicotine

Modeled by Kato (Kate Lambert)

What a stunning model. I think I got lost in her gaze, or was it her mind grip that she threw at me with her left hand? I guess it doesn't matter. :)


  1. nice .. were did they hide.. i want one doll as it =)

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