Friday, May 31, 2013

Video: Iconic Legion Group

"Entertainment Media show was a chance to hang out with some friends from Iconic Legion costume group and of course we couldn't turn down a chance to take our Flycam along and get some awesome shots and make this little video."

Music: Short Change Hero Cover

Samus Aran

Photographed by Amanda Walton at Industrial Park in Indianapolis, Indiana

Victoria Celestine

Victoria Celestine by Nicole Leigh Jones
Photographed by Gayla Partridge for the film Shroud

Now this is what women's armor should look like!

Fashion: Iron Man Jersey

Iron Man Cycling Jersey
Available for purchase from Amazon. US$47.85

Kids: Gaige the Mechromancer

 Photographed by Little Jimmy at MCM 2013

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Video: London Comic Con 2013

"London Comic Con landed in May 2013 and blessed with the rare event of a sunny weekend in the UK the crowds piles in for 3 days worth of cosplay, games, comics and film so we took our Flycam along to capture some of the amazing costumes and atmosphere to show off just how the awesome the UK cosplay scene is!

With special guests Mark Meer & Rana McAnear!"

Video: Borderlands Music Video

"The Borderlands Cosplay group hit up London Comic Con May 2013 so we took the chance to create this one of bonus cosplay video.

Grab your guns, Vault Hunters and join the musical party in the Borderlands!  A shout out to everyone who took part of this and helped us out, you all looked amazing!"

Samus Aran

Samus Aran in Zero Suit (from Metroid) by Linda Le (Vamp Beauty)
Photographed by Elysiam Entertainment

Couple: Alien and Predator


Photographed by Mektography

Kids: Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom (from The Fantastic Four)
Photographed by Tech your Picture at Geek Fest Florida 2013.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tutorial: How to Dye a Wig

Video: Fanime 2013

Video: Deadpool Visits Marvel HQ

"Deadpool Visits Marvel HQ Pt. 1" by Marvel Entertainment

Deadpool takes some time off from making his first video game to visit Marvel HQ! His first stop? The Vice President of Human Resources.

Couple: Lex Luthor And Superwoman

Lex Luthor And Superwoman

Lex Luthor And Superwoman
Cosplay by Jason Deveau And Panda Valentine
Photography by Robbins Studios



An outstanding #Spiderman 2099 #cosplay from #Comicpalooza. Amazing stuff! (Photographer)
Need links to our Social Media sites? Check out Sharing the cosplay for you!  

Spider-Man (from Spiderman 2099)
Photographed by Mechaboy07 at Comicpalooza



Shahkulu (from Assassins Creed Revelations) by Kaylee Weinberg
Photographed by ObscuraVista

Couple: Deadpool

Photographed by Andy Wana

Deadpool cosplayed by Wickedm6
Lady Deadpool cosplayed by Black Cat

Mari Makinami Illustrious (from Evangelion 2.0) by Neeka Cosplay
Photographed by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography at the San Jose Convention Center 
"I got told by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography that there was gonna be an Eva Entry Plug/Cockpit here at Fanime! So, I had to have photos of me in it! These amazing photos are all done by him! Eurobeat Kasumi Photography!"


Starfire (from Teen Titans) by Minato

Lara Croft

Lara Croft (from Tomb Raider Reborn) by Francine
Photographed by Alexander Turchanin

Rule 63: Doctor Strange

Photographed by Isidro Uren

Kids: Stan Lee

Photographed by Cosmic Brownie

Michigan-based web designer and father Vincent Cracchiolo recently covered the Motor City Comic Con (May 17-19) for Bleeding Cool. Vincent brought along his adorable little daughter Isabella to the event who dressed up as the 90 year-old Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Video: Birmingham Comic Con 2013


Jubilee Cosplay

Jubilee (from X:Men: The Animated Series) by Bea Benedicto
Photographed by Jason Tablante

Ms. Marvel

Photographed by Anna


Kasumi (from Dead or Alive) by Kipi


Tali'Zorah (from Mass Effect) by Ayimera
Photographed by Mike Kowalek of Eleventh Photograph
"This was definitely a collaboration costume. I purchased the visor from Taylor at Crabcat Industries and handed it off to Will at WM Armory to create the helmet. My friend, Meredith (who is also an amazing cosplayer), created Tali’s signature wrap/hood as a wedding present (best present ever), and Ammnra Creations did the omni-tool. I put it all together, created all the detail bits (belt, harness, boots, gloves, etc), installed a fan and tint in the helmet, and debuted the costume at Katsucon ’13!"


Psylocke by jagged-eye

Psylocke by Stylechameleon
Photographed by Jagged-Eye

Parents: Tangled

"This is my beautiful niece Leah and her parents!  Leah was born down syndrome.  She brings the most beautiful spirit to our family!  We just love her to death!  For Halloween my sisters made the whole family Tangled costumes!  Dad is Flynn Rider, Mom is Repunzel, and Leah is Pascal!"

Monday, May 27, 2013

Video: MCM Expo Telford Midlands 2013

"Welcome to my MCM Expo Telford Midlands Fanvideo. The date of this event is on the 16th Fenruary, 2013. This was filmed, directed and edited by me. I really enjoyed filming everyone and I hope to see you guys at Birmingham Expo or London Expo.

If you want to have a look at the pictures I took of the expo then you can find mine at"

Video: Con Survival 101

Join hosts Chloe Dykstra and Meg Turney as the get some basic convention tips, Dos and Don'ts from cosplayers at Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Missouri.

Mary Jane Watson


“Sexy Cosplay Girls
Cosplayer: Destiny Nickelsen FanpageCharacter: Mary Jane WatsonFrom: spider-manPhotography: Tobias Roybal Photography”

Love it, She is so beautiful ! Perfect MJ !

Mary Jane Watson (from Spider-Man) by Destiny Nickelsen
Photographed by Tobias Roybal Photography

Lilith Aensland

Lilith Aensland (from Darkstalkers) by Kipi

Rule 63: Deadpool

Lady Deadpool by Black Cat
Photographed by AndyWana
"Had a lot of fun shooting Black Cat and Wickedm6 at Sydney's Cockatoo Island. There's no shortage of great spots for photography (too many to choose from, in fact) and the weather was classic Sydney. Sunny all day long. I have to come clean and say that I haven't shot as much Western comic superheroes/ supervillains as far as one on one shots go. My colourful editing style do not always lend itself to this particular genre I thought. Nevertheless, I took up the challenge and had a go. I am pretty pleased with the results so far and I hope you enjoy them too."


Katarina (from League of Legends) by Tasha


Katarina (from League of Legends) by Tasha
Photographed by Maria Jose Muñoz Moral

Alisa Amiella


Alisa Amiella (from God Eater Hero) by Sharako Coser
Photographed at Wonder Festival 2011

Couple: Harley and The Joker

Cosplayed by Donald and Tara Strand from Gotham Public Works

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter (from Diablo III) by Laura Jansen (EmilyRosa)


Wizard (from Diablo III) by Laura Jansen (EmilyRosa)

Death Knight

Photographed by Dennis K.

Dark Faun

Photographed Dennis K.


Chell (from Portal 2)
Photographed by Hidrico

Group: Mortal Kombat

Photographed by Hidrico

Kitana cosplayed by Yurai cosplay, Jade cosplayed by Dawnarts,
Skarlet cosplayed by Nebulaluben, Sonya cosplayed by Nami-taicho

Kids: Green Arrow

Source: N--O--X

Tattoo: Mass Effect

Mass Effect Jack Tattoo

Jack's Tattoo (from Mass Effect 2 & 3) by Strivingforhonestbones
Inked by Harvey Deal
Via: Kotaku

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Slave Leia

Leia Organa from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Slave Leia (from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi) by Ashayla Webster
Photographed by Aye Candy

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Photographed by SoulFire Studio
"I probably say this for every costume at some point, but truly this Supergirl costume is my FAVORITE costume to date. I have loved reading the New 52 reboot Supergirl comics - she is so much more badass and they do a fantastic job of conveying the tragic side of her character. She's one tough chick. I felt so awesome wearing this costume and random people would come up and treat me like a real super heroine! There's no better feeling in the world! An old man in downtown Raleigh asked if I could pick up his car and move it to a better parking spot. Made my day."

Friday, May 24, 2013

Humor: Real Life Navi

"Me cosplaying Navi, and a friend as Link. Thought it'd be funny to run down the hall and be annoying..for I am...NAVI MWAHAHAHAHAHA
Fanime con 2012"

Video: Star Wars Dance-Off

Chewbacca, Slave Leia, and Padme dance to Outkast’s “Hey Ya”
Star Wars Dance-Off at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
"Star Wars Weekends launched today at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World and I was there to capture this year’s always entertaining Dance-Off With the Star Wars Stars. The Jedi and Sith were out in force once again, dancing to pop hits that this year included Michael Jackson, Beastie Boys, Outkast, Taylor Swift, Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake, Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That, and plenty more."

Documentary: Cosplaying The Part

This is Polygon’s short feature on Ger Tysk. Tysk immersed herself in cosplaying, from making props to dressing up and now documenting the culture. Ger Tysk cosplays for a living. She builds, sews, paints, sells, and mostly wears costumes based on video game and anime characters. In this vide, Tysk reminds us to respect everyone’s right to self-expression.  Read more Polygon.


Dovahkiin (from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) by Lagueuse
Costume made and worn by Lagueuse
Photo manipulation by Pyro911
"I don´t know why, but this costume reminds me of the skyrim game, and I´m currently in love with a youtube-cover of the song "The dragonborn comes", so I named this artwork this way"

Tempest Janna

Tempest Janna (from League of Legends) by LadyLemonCosplay
Photographed by Fernando Brischetto of Photographes SansFrontieres

Crossplay: Mordecai

Mordecai (from Borderland 2) by Laura (Total Havok)

Photographed by Mike of PhotoSumi at ACen 2013
"Here’s one of two shoots I knew I would be shooting over the weekend, and was excited to do so. Anton’s Mordecai from Borderlands 2 is amazing, and Laura made some improvements on it since the last shoot. Apart from some minor apparel fixes, there were a few big changes.
To start, the bottle of booze he was carrying around all day is no longer a Game of Thrones brew with the label partially scratched off. We took a new bottle and cleanly removed the label to replace it with Laura’s custom made Black Label… labels. drink up!

Next we have Mordecai’s sword. It wasn’t functional last time a round, and by that I mean you couldn’t remove it from the sheath. That’s no longer a problem. 

Finally we’ve got Baby Bloodwings head and egg. Laura made an entirely new head for her and then an eggshell for her to sit in. Awww. Awesome job, Laura! See more of her stuff HERE. More to come…"


Maya (from Borderlands 2) by Laura (Total Havok)
Photographed by Mike of Photo Tsumi

Costume by Laura and Heather Garry of Corsetiere Chicago

Lady Hawke

Lady Hawke (from Dragon Age II ) by The-Kirana
Photographed by Misaki-Sai

Weapons: Plasma Cutter

Weapons: Gravity Gun

Gravity Gun (from Half-Life 2)

Sure, you could just buy a Gravity Gun online, but wheres the fun in that?  Michelle Sleeper walks through how to create one from scratch on her blog. It looks like more work than I would ever put into a costume, but I'm sure there are many of you out there for whom the challenge would be the point for the project.

Fashion: Piranha Plant Dress

Piranha Plant Dress by Subtle Nerd
Available for purchase from Etsy.

 Be the fiercest flower in the garden with this Piranha Plant inspired dress this Spring.

Kids: Tardis

Photographed by Heather Blackwell

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Short Film: Keeping up with the Comstocks

Kids: Dalek

Photographed by Heather Blackwell

Kids: Fairytails

Once Upon a Time” by (Miss) Maddie
Photographed by Wendi Riggens
"When Nicole said she wanted to do fairy tales for Miss Maddie’s 9 month session, I never imagined just how incredibly adorable and amazing the images would turn out! She spent weeks and weeks searching for the perfect pieces for the shoot, and we spent two hours the day before setting up sets and discussing strategy. At 9 months old, most babies don’t have an incredibly long attention span, and we knew we would have to work quickly to ensure that Maddie was happy and that we got the shots we wanted."