Friday, August 30, 2013

Fan Film: Mario Warfare

Video: Cosplay Showcase and Fashion

Fresh Take: Retired Batman

Batman's Retirement

Photographed by David Ngo


Photographed by Sonesh Joshi Photography


Scarecrow (from The Dark Knight) by Charlie Mott
Photographed by Sonesh Joshi Photography


Raiden (from Metal Gear Solid) by Nesabi
Photographed by Faramon

Marvel Girl

Marvel Girl by Kearstin Nicholson
Photographed by Angelina Bui

Jean Grey

Jean Grey (from The X-Men) by Kearstin Nicholson
Photographed by LJinto

Red Lantern Mera

Photographed by Adam Jay of Superhero Photography

Link Round-Up: August 30, 2013



Avengers "Scoodies" from Fallen Designs on Etsy

Interview: Franchesco! on Heroes of Cosplay

Interview: Katy Angel and Elffi Cosplay

31 amazing pics of cosplayer Victoria Schmidt as Leia, Supergirl and more!

37 awesome pics of cosplayer Monika Lee from Heroes of Cosplay

Adam Savage Went Incognito at Comic-Con Dressed in a Regal Admiral Ackbar Costume

ScreenCrush picks The 25 Best Cosplay Pics Ever

ScreenRant picks its 16 Favorite Cosplay Costumes of Comic-Con 2013

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fan Film: Fallout: Lanius

This fan-made short film centers on Legate Lanius, one of the main antagonists in Fallout: New Vegas. The fight scenes leave a lot to be desired, but it’s still a fun watch for fans.

Video: Super Parkour Bros.


Elisabeth (from BioShock) by Eve Beauregard

Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell (from Game of Thrones) by Sheila of Aicosu

Couple: Canti and Haruko

Canti and Haruko (from FLCL) by Zacloudseth and Berndor
Photographed by Lauren Peng

Kids: Boba Fett

The tiniest Boba Fett there ever was

Boba Fett

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Video: Psycho Bandit Cosplay

Fan Film: The Last of Us

This movie is called Furthest Reaches. It's an original story set in the world of the PS3 video game The Last of Us, and it is an intense film.

Lilith and Maya

Lilith and Maya (from Borderlands 2) 
Photographed by David Ngo (DTJAAAAM) at Anime Revolution 2013


Maya (from Borderlands 2) by Sheila of Aicosu


"Stay still!"
Maya (from Borderlands 2) by SparklesStorm
Photographed by Mylene Guindon
"This is my maya cosplay from borderlands 2 ! It was my first time working with 4-way stretchable fabric. I was with my friends as Tiny Tina, Lilith, Mordercai and Mad Moxxi (from tiny tina's dlc) We won ''best styling'' at the mascarade of otakuthon 2013 ! "


Mystique (from The X-Men) by Rei
Photographed by Kifir
"I love this shot even better, it's like Mystique is going to break into a secret military base somewhere in Mexico according to Magneto's plan x)  I actually wanted to make a Mystique costume during a couple of years. And finally we were invited as cospaly guests to Mexico for the second time and decided to prepare new costumes for the show."

Couple: Tiny Tina and 9 Toes

Tiny Tina and 9 Toes (from Borderlands 2) by Pen2Vi2 and Lando
Photo by Jack Liu

Group: Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Group
Photographed by

Lilith cosplayed by Kearstin Nicholson

Group: Borderlands 2

Boarderlands Group
Photographed by AlucardLeashed at Anime North 2013

Maya cosplayed by Eelrak
Borderlands 1 Lilith cosplayed by Sperren
Borderlands 2 Lilith cosplayed by LaurenTea
9 Toes cosplayed by Lando
Mad Moxxi cosplayed by Amishanda
Tiny Tina cosplayed by Pen2Vi2
Handsome Jack cosplayed by Zacloudseth


Lilith (from Borderlands 2) by IssssE

Lilith and Handsome

Lilith and Handsome (from Borderlands 2)
Photographed by Cozphotography

Handsome Jack cosplayed by Zacloudseth
Lilith cosplayed by Byndo Gehk
"More Borderlands 2 love with Zacloudseth and Byndo Gehk! We loved wearing these at Otakon this year, youguys were awesomely receptive. :D (Not sure why I look so bitch-face in the last shot~)"


Lilith (from Borderlands 2) by Obsidian-Endings
Photographed by LiquidCocaine-Photos in Anime North 2013

Handsome Jack


Handsome Jack (from Borderlands 2) by ZaCloudSeth

Gaige the Mechromancer

Gaige the Mechromancer (from Borderlands 2) by Miss-Tea Cosplay

Gaige the Mechromancer

Gaige the Mechromancer (from Borderlands 2) by Queen-Cuttlefish
Photographed by Jolly-Chihuahua

Cuttlefish posted a detailed tutorial for making your own Mini Deathtrap puppet.


Axton (from Borderlands 2) by RebelliousDante
Photograped by LJinto

Parents: Axton and Tiny Tina

Axton and Tiny Tina (from Borderlands 2)
Photographed by Darryl Pamplin

Kids: Psycho

Little Psycho (from Borderlands 2)
Photographed by Wil Wheaton at MegaCon

Tattoo: Gentleman Claptrap

Gentleman Claptrap Tattoo
Source: Dorkly

Tattoo: Vault Symbol

Vault Symbol (from Borderlands 2)

Behind the hair!  They're always the last place you look.
Vault symbol discovered!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Video: Otakon 2013

Otakon 2013 takes place at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Fan Film: Superman vs. Thor

"The earth-shaking showdown between the Man of Steel and God of Thunder is finally here. Who will be victorious??"


This talented Mermaid Performer this week released several new photos from a beautiful photo-shoot she had with Servane Roy Berton. More photos can be seen on her Facebook Page.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Video: Love Cosplay!

"It's Geek Week! In honor of Fan Friday, we are proud to present a music compilation of amazing cosplay from Anime Expo."

Fan Film: Skyrim: Into the Void

Read an interview with one of the short film's creators, Landon Sperry.

This astonishingly well-made fan film for Skyrim could very well be a trailer for an HBO adaptation of the game.
"Dovahkiin, the noble dragonborn hero, is cursed in a fight with a vampire. He spends a considerable time wandering the realm before being captured by the Dark Brotherhood, who offer him a deal. Dovahkiin agrees to help the Brotherhood save a captured member from the Necromancers, in exchange for a cure to his vampirism."



Death Angel as Catwoman

Catwoman (from Tim Burton's Batman Returns) by Death Angel
Photographed by  Kifir

Black Cat

Felicia Hardy by sweet-little-world

Felicia Hardy / Black Cat by Sweet-Little-World

Fresh Take: Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn - San Diego Comic-Con 2013
Clowning around with Victorian fashion

Photographed by David Ngo San Diego Comic-Con 2013

Couple: The Doctor and Idris

The 11th Doctor and Idris (from Doctor Who)
Photographed by JoshuaM Photos

Doctor Who cosplayed by Callamon
Idris cosplayed by TheNewMsMarvel

Little Sister and Big Sister

Little Sister and Big Sister

 Photographed by Christopher Walton Photography at Ayacon 2013

Little Sister cosplayed by Vickyangel
Big Sister cosplayed by Veronica Heath


Jack (from Mass Effect 3) by Ragemoreroberts
Photographed by Kurnikoff

Black Cat

Black Cat (from Amazing Spider-Man) by Yami Sugoi
Photography: Sebastian Gambolati


Photographed by R&H Photography at Connecticut Convention Center

Kids: Dalek and Lost Child

Photographed at Gen Con 2013
Source: Fashionably Geek

Tattoo: Saga Cover

Friday, August 23, 2013

Couple: Finn and Fionna

Finn and Fionna

Finn and Fionna (from Adventure Time) by Kaito Einsam


Photographed by So Say We All at LFCC 2013


Splicer (from BioShock) by Valentina Neri

Black Bat

Black Bat by Tenleid
Photographed by 12-Bolt
"SOO Fanexpo was a thing that happened. I dont have much to say about it other than despite my hate for hobbystar, i still end up returning every year. Sigh.

I only went for sunday this year, and to be honest wearing blackbat alone is kind of boring! Lots of people calling me batgirl and batwoman, only one person actually recognized me as Cassandra! Ah well."