Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Humor: Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse
(via laughingsquid)

Humor: Doctor Who Costumes

The Truth about Doctor Who Costumes

Video: Unzipped Makeup Tutorial

Lots of people asked, so I finally caved and did unzipped / zipper eyes But I wasn't about to do it like everyone else already has... I had to put my own twist to the look. Pictures and a full list of products used on my website!

Video: Mystique Make-up

"I got so many requests to do Mystique's Transformation. I thought it was the perfect timing when the New X-men First Class came out last week. It was a fun Creating the scales, Something that I usually don't do in my Tutorials. What more can I say 'You guys know I love being Blue'"

Halloween Costumes: Edward Scissorhands

Via: Reddit

Halloween Costumes: Dr. Octopus

Dr. Octopus (from Spider-Man) by Patton Oswalt

Halloween Costumes: Game of Thrones

Renly and Melisandre (from Game of Thrones)
Via: Reddit

"My coworker and I dressed up as Renly and Melisandre! I thought I was going to be the only one."

Halloween Costumes: Locutus

There are easier ways to be assimilated into the Borg Collective, but 300 manhours and approximately $800 can fake it well enough. This amazing light-up Evil Jean Luc Picard costume even has a drink holster in the crotchual region, for when cybernetic organisms need a quick cool-down. Check out the full details on the build over at Instructables.

Halloween Costumes: Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen (from Game of Thrones)
Via: Reddit

Parents: Bane and Batman

Bane and Batman (from Batman Rises)
Via: Reddit
"my son and I celebrate his first Halloween...
and when it's over, he has my permission to cry."


Photographed by Jade of SmileJade Photography
"I just got the photos from my Catwoman photoshoot w/Jade at Otakon this past summer and WOWOWOW I’m so happy with how they look!!!

Catwoman was one of those cosplays that involved a lot of firsts. First cosplay not anime/vidya/Disney, first cosplay sewing stretch fabric, first cosplay wearing a skin-tight outfit… And I’m super pleased with how it came out! The next con I wear this to, I’ll need to make some improvements. But this is still a super fun costume to wear, I love being Selina!! She’s one of my favourite comic book ladies.

Suit was purchased online, gloves & cowl sewn from scratch, goggles were modified."

Masquerade Zombie

Masquerade Zombie III by PlaceboFX

"My makeup from today, at Son of Monsterpalooza. I entered the Cinema Makeup School Makeup Throw-down, and won second place. I won a 3k scholarship to Cinema Makeup School, $300, an airbrush, $60 to Frends Beauty Supply, and few other little goodies. To say I'm on cloud 9 would be the understatement of the century. Oh, the fun things I got to do with that masquerade mask..."

Kids: Gimli

Gimli, Son of Gloin

Gimli, Son of Gloin (from Lord of the Rings)
"PJ was Gimli the dwarf from Lord of The Rings for Halloween. Michaela's mom made the costume, Michaela fashioned the helmet, hair, beard and battle ax.

It was my idea. Yes, I'm sick."

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Video: Pinhead Halloween Makeup

Humor: Your Own Slutty Costume

Use crayons, colored pencils or markers
to construct your OWN slutty Halloween costume!

Tutorial: Electronic Demon Costume

Burgess demonstrates how he made his electronic demon costume in this how-to video originally posted at Adafruit Industries. The costume has LED eyes, a voice changer, and LED waveform “mouth,” and is made from several Adafruit kits.


Loki (from The Avengers) by Sith Camaro
Photographed by Robbins Studios at Central Park

Camaro won 1st place in the at Philadelphia Comic-Con 2012
costume contest for this outfit.

Fresh Take: HarleyPool


Wonder Woman

Photographed by Khriess Photography at Japan Expo 2012

Power Girl

Photographed by Chi-O

Princess Mononoke


Photographed by Skellagirl


Raven (from Teen Titans) by GinozaCostuming

Fashion: Fifties Tardis Dress


"This is my rendition of the Tardis. Classy and Sexy like a movie star because the Tardis is the star of the show and steals Dr. Who’s hearts! P.S. I also made my own patch to replace the St. John’s Ambulance one."

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (from The Venture Bros.) by Kate Lomax Blankenship

Couple: Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible

Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible by Alyssa and her fiance

Masks: Death Eater

Just finished this Death Eater mask for Halloween. To make it, I covered my face in plaster cloth to get the shape, then built on top of the plaster mask with paper clay. Then I sanded it, scribed in the lines, and finally painted it with silver spray paint, and weathered it with acrylics. It was tons of fun!

Link Round-Up: October 30, 2012

The Cleveland Orchestra bass section dressed up as the Avengers

22 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Big Bird is getting a lot of press these days. Recently, Buzzfeed revealed Sesame Street Workshop issued a cease and desist order on for selling costumes of “sexy” versions of their characters without permission.

Ever wanted to be the seventh samurai? How about Death from The Seventh Seal? Or Rosemary and/or her baby? This Halloween, Criterion is holding a costume contest.

Medieval Fantasy Beer Helmet

Oswin and the TARDIS

Some Of The Ways A Halloween Costume Can Suck

Tompkins Square’s Annual Halloween Dog Parade

Writer/photographer/cosplayer Molly McIsaac says “Cosplay is Not a Permission Slip” for bad behavior from fellow humans.

The Worst And Weirdest Store-Bought Comics & Games Costumes For Halloween 2012

Kids: Iron Man

"I'd say my friend's son has the Tony Stark look down pat."

Monday, October 29, 2012

Video: Anime Expo 2012

Stealth Iron Man

Taking 8 months to create, Andrew’s Stealth Iron Man costume has a mechanized helmet and electronics that light up the eyes, palms, and chestplate. Check the full explanation for his build over at instructables.


Cater (from Final Fantasy Type- 0) by Kanpekina Kosupure


Hero (from Monarch Online) by Tasha

Video: Booster Gold Costume

Patrick Willems went to New York Comic Con for Bleeding Cool. Here is a spotlight on one of the best cosplayers we met (and had the pleasure to work with) at NYCC, Aaron Wahl as Booster Gold. Seriously, there's a wirelessly-controlled robot Skeets.

Kids: Supergirl

Little Super Girl

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Comikaze 2012 Supergirl

Photographed by Crocksrule

Friday, October 26, 2012


Sylvanas cosplay - Voroneg 2012 by *andrewhitc

Sylvanas (from World of Warcraft) by Andrewhitc
Photographed at Voroneg 2012

Kitty Pride

A Girl And Her Dragon by nokindoflife on deviantART

Photographed by Akaius at New York Comic Con 2012 at the Javits Center

Tutorial: Zombie Mouth Make-Up

crazy zombie mouth tutorial

Masks: Low Poly Mask

Low Poly Mask by Kongorilla

Mash-up Friday the 13th's Jason with Tron-style visual effects and it might look a little something like this.  I know that'd be a movie I'd go see.  Learn how to make your own with thick paper and glow-in-the-dark tape over at Thingiverse.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Video: Final Fantasy XIII

Blood Elf Priestess

Blood Elf Priestess (from World of WarCraft) by AuraRinoa
Photographed by Marco Nardi (OperationOne)

Rule 63: Jack Skellington

Pumpkin king by ~Maho-Urei on deviantART

Jack Skellington (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) by Maho-Urei
Photographed by Misaki
"I nearly lost 7kg of my weight to do this cosplay and I guess I still need to be on diet.... Jack is like my super super favorite character therefore I had to do my best." Check out more photos taken with Chaco playing the role of Sally.

Black Widow

Black Widow by Alexia Jean Grey

Black Widow (from The Avengers) by Alexia Jean Grey
Photographed by Rodney Brow, Jayce Williams, Bryan Humphrey


Sif (from Thor) by Spiffzaya


Fresh Take: Wonder Woman

Photography by Adam Jay

Rule 63: Thor

Photographed by Mike Leone Studios
"My first Marvel cosplay! Skirt, corset top, and cape made by Aria Belle of Mimoari Play. Hair wings made by me. Wig styling by me. 

I'm more of a DC girl, but when it comes to Marvel I love me some Thor. I was a huge fan of the Lolita Avengers designs that were floating around for a while, and I thought the design for Thor was just too cute. This outfit is really comfortable and fun to wear, and I ♥ my Mjölnir."

Catwoman and Batman

Batman & Catwoman (from Tim Burton's Batman)
Photographed by Adam Jay


Rogue (from Diablo) by Jenn Croft
Photography by Charbuul

Link Round-Up: October 25, 2012


Kael'thas Sunstrider & Kel'Thuzad (from World of Warcraft)
Photographed by JudgmentJay

50 Best Cosplay Pics of All Time

Body Painted Models Bent into Yoga Poses, Create Human Motorcycles

London Star Trek Convention Broke the Record for Most Trek Cosplayers

Need a creepy Halloween costume? Wear a 3D-printed mask of your own face!

Omaha schoolgirl dresses as a different historical figure each day

Kids: Green Lantern

Green Lantern

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Video: EB Games Expo 2012



Magdalena (The Magdalena) by Misstyque Heartfilia
Photographed by Pr0gredi at Japan Expo 2012

Couple: Ellie Langford & Isaac Clarke

Ellie Langford & Isaac Clarke

Ellie Langford & Isaac Clarke (from Dead Space 2)
Photographed by Pr0gredi at Japan Expo 2012

Ellie Langford cosplayed by Léa Redfield
Isaac Clarke cosplayed by Kevin Manuel Leab Thong

Master Chief

Master Chief

Master Chief (from the Halo franchise) by Gaki Zaraki
Photographed by Pr0gredi

Master Chief