Friday, June 29, 2012

Video: League of Legends Show

League Of Legends Cosplay Show at ChinaJoy Cosplay 2012 by a devoted group of university students.

Video: Portal Skit

Performed at FanimeCon 2011 in San Jose, CA

Black Canary

Nami06 as Black Canary

Black Canary (from Birds of Prey) by Nami06
Photographed by Franky-chan

Props: Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Price: US$850

This is an $850 Ghostbuster Proton Pack replica from Viking Props (which, despite the name, sells zero horned helmets or Thor hammers). It's pretty accurate, and even has some light up effects. Even more light effects and some sound ones are available too, but at an extra cost.

Vizard Ichigo

Vizard Ichigo (from Bleach) by SSJ4Theo


Calypso (from Pirates of the Caribbean) by The-Mirror-Melts
Photo by Jack Liu

Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex

Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex by Giedriusonline

Photographed by Arvydas Bakanauskas

Check out this thread documenting the construction of this armor. Also check out his blog, which features a photo gallery of the completed project.  Nowhere, however, does it explain how he opens the thing up to take a pee.

Kids: Captain Hammer

Captain Hammer
Photographed by Sci-Fi Mom

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Video: Realm of LARP

The Journey Begins: Realm of LARP

“Geeks are people who are just…really passionate about things.”

LARPing – that is, Live Action Role Playing – is one of those things that once you’re engaged in it, you can quite safely claim epic geek status. There’s an awesome LARP group near me that I’ve been meaning to join and haven’t had the time. This show only urges me to go forth and conquer!
Nerdist Channel have created a rather professional-looking web reality series that closely follows a group of people engaged in a LARP quest. They each have varying experience in LARPing, have characters of differing intelligence and most of all are having so, so much fun.

Fresh Take: P.I.K.A.C.H.U.

P.I.K.A.C.H.U. Battle Armor by ~SpiritRising7

Captain America

Captain America

Cosplayed by Carlos Galván

Photographed by marcocasillas

Captain America by Carlos Galván
Photographed by Marcocasillas


Alice (from Alice Madness Returns) by Ank-sama

Styria and Nix

Ediolon Shiva Sister Styria and Nix (from Fantasy XIII) by  MeltingMirror and HexReedfly
Photo by at Anime North 2010


Catwoman (from Batman: Arkham City) by Camilliette
Photographed by Tony Quan

Group: DC Heroes and Villains

Photographed by Tony Quan

Bane cosplayed by Raul Sandoval, Batgirl cosplayed by Akusesu
Catwoman cosplayed by camilliette, Harley cosplayed by Hakuku,
Nightwing cosplayed by ohjimmyboy, Poison Ivy cosplayed by Bheng-Bheng
Robin cosplayed by Dasutin26, and Scarecrow cosplayed by bluevis

Video: Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday

Marvel’s popular crimson assassin has been hired to take out a specific target. Kill the man, get the cash. The problem is, he’s not the only one on the job.

Kids: Mickey Mouse and Princess Leia

Kung-Fu Mouse and Princess Leia

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Forsworn Skyrim 2 by *BangBangNeko

Forsworn (from Skyrim) by BangBangNeko
Photographed by Pieisexactlythree

The Silence

Silence from Doctor Who

The Silence (from Doctor Who) by Shinka Studios

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter (Tigrex Diablos Armor) from Monster Hunter

Cosplayer: JFamilyPhotographer: okageo

Monster Hunter in Tigrex Diablos Armor (from Monster Hunter) by JFamily 
Photographed by Okageo


Merida from Brave

Merida (from Brave)
Photographed by Bill Hensee at Fanime

Sara Pezzini

Sara Pezzini (from Witchblade) by Ivy0
Photography Eurobeat Kasumi

Mirka Fortuna

Mirka Fortuna

Mirka Fortuna (from Trinity Blood) by Lita-Yumiko
Photographed by Toby


Yuna cosplay from Final Fantasy X 

Yuna (from Final Fantasy X) by Monika Lee
Photographed by Benny Lee

Kids: Marvel Characters

Kid's Costume Parade at Fan Expo Canada 2011
Photos by Rich Herrera

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Video: ACEN Anime Central 2012

ACEN 2012 takes place in Rosemont, Illinois



Aang (from Avatar: The Last Airbender) by Fiendsy

Photographed by Holden

Link Round-Up: June 26, 2012

Iron Man Dress

Evil Brainmate made a version of the Iron Man dress seen in this design for Denver Comic Con. She confirms that the arc reactor lights up.

Fifteen People You’ll See At Every Geek Convention

Princess Leia Hoodie

Reebok and Japanese figure maker MegaHouse are teaming up for a limited edition set of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex sneaker modeled to look like a Tachikoma. There will be only five hundred pairs in the world.

Get you own Doctor Who TARDIS Hooded Blue Cotton Bath Robe from the Nerd Approved Shop

Kids: Finn and Jake

Cutest adventurer in all

Finn and Jake (from Adventure Time)
Via: Dorkly

Monday, June 25, 2012

Video: Katsucon 2012

Katsucon 2012 takes place at the Gaylord Convention Center in Washington D.C.

Kids: Toturo

Toturo (from My Neighbor Toturo)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Video: Fanime 2012

Fanime 2012 was held in San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, USA

Onion Knight

Onion Knight (from Final Fantasy Dissidia) by Ted
Photographed by Eleventh Photograph
Costume by Emily Slater

Onion Knight

Onion Knight by da-monkey

Onion Knight (from Final Fantasy Dissidia) by da-monkey
Photographed by Andy-K

Group: Legend of Korra

Korra (from Legend of Korra) by CourtoonXIII
Photographed by Elemental

Amon as Amon
Equalist Henchwoman #1 as Midnight Cosplay
Equalist Henchwoman #2 as EmilyCrossing
Equalist Henchman as Shufflebuff

Major Motoko Kusanagi

Major Motoko Kusanagi (from Ghost in the Shell) by Jane Slater
Photographed by Kokori Photography at Colossalcon12
Costume by Emily Slater

Major Motoko Kusanagi

Major Motoko Kusanagi (from Ghost in the Shell) by Jane Slater
Photographed by PaigeyCosplay
Costume by Emily Slater

"Here’s a preview of a shoot I did tonight for the lovely emilycrossing’s newest creation, Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, modeled by her sister. I’ve been attempting to do new things with my photography and I have to say I think my first night shoot (using purely ambient light and reflectors too!) was a success!"

Rule 63: The Avengers

Photographs by Elemental at Colossalcon

Black Widower (Nate Romanov) cosplayed by Immortal Phil
Captain America (Steph Rogers) cosplayed by Courtoonxiii
Hawkeye (Claire Barton) cosplayed by EmilyCrossing
Hulkette (Brit Banner) cosplayed by Gwishie
Iron Maiden (Antonia Stark) cosplayed by RowenWood
Thorfridr cosplayed by Midnight Cosplay

Kids: Hannible Lecter

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Video: Anime North 2012

Rule 63: Lady Punisher

Lady Punisher

 Lady Punisher by Tamar Wolfe
Photographed by Dana Harper

Humor: Maidpool

Maidpool by Comicbookantihero

Maidpool by Comicbookantihero


Sub-Zero 7

Sub-Zero (from Mortal Kombat) by Misled Youth

Blood Elf

Blood Elf by *StudioTamago

Blood Elf (from World of Warcraft) by StudioTamago
Photographed at the Japan Expo 2011 in Paris

Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde (from X-Men) by Nokindoflife

Kitty Pryde at Philadelphia Wizard World 2012, phasing through the walls of the convention center.

Kids: Weeping Angel

So cute   Peek a Boo

Little Weeping Angel at Denver Comic Con 2012
Photographed by thegreatamon

When you went up to her and her parents and you asked if you could take a picture she would stand up straight, and slowly bring her hands up and cover her eyes. After you were done with the pictures she’d lower her hands and just SMILE so big.

Omg it was the cutest thing ever!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Video: A-kon 2012

A-kon 2012 Cosplay Music Video

Humor: Headless Alphonse

OMG best Alphonse cosplay EVER

Alphonse (from Full Metal Alchemist)

Weapons: Portal Gun

DIY Portal Gun

Can’t afford those expensive Replica Portal Guns?
Well now you can create your own for around US$50. 


Commander Shepard

Commander Shepard (from Mass Effect) by EverKings

Anya Stroud

Broken Hearts and Broken Minds…by ~PixelK1tty

Anya Stroud (from Gears of War)by PixelK1tty
Photographed by Jayce Williams of PhotoNXS

My latest version of my Anya costume! I am so much happier with the new changes! I love this costume so much I doubt I'll ever stop making improvements on it. The costume was a long process but one that I'd dreamt of making since artwork of the character was first revealed! Having worked on the game only made it that much more special.


Photography by Pireze


Gotham Knight by Ruskicho

Photographed by Baldwin A Saintilus


Flemeth (from Dragon Age 2) by AmazonMandy

"I did my first version based on the concept art. Now that the game is out, I added and changed up a lot on her. Belts, armor details, makeup, pants, made the headpiece fit better, etc etc. Oh, yes, I used the staff in a few pictures of the game version of this, even though it's really only shown in the concept art and not the game. And that's because I loved that staff, and felt like it!

Oh Flemeth...she's the hottest murderous old dragon bitch out there. I love her so much."

Kids: Loki

Kid Loki by lilistprince

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Video: NYCC/NYAF 2011

NYCC/NYAF 2011 Fanvideo by Acksons Creative

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy (from Batman) by Tali Cosplay
Photographed by DMacStudios