Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Accessory: Ichabod

"Ichabod" Plague Doctor mask by Tom Banwell

I've always found plague masks fascinating.  On one hand, they have a grounding in actual history; one the other hand, they look like something out of a fantasy novel.  They were worn by physicians attending plague victims, which ought to make them a sign of peaceful intentions, and yet, there is something singularly terrifying about the faceless, avian aspect of a person wearing one.

Few people on the net do plague masks as well as leather worker Tom Banwell.  Here's an example of one he did last year that I think represents his best work.  If you like it, make sure you sure on over to his blog to check out the rest of his work.



Kirin (from Monster Hunter) by Tomia
Source: Spiral Cats

Cassie Hack

Cassie Hack (from Hack/Slash) by Emily Cross

Please check out my Hack/Slash tumblr, Emily Cross for Cassie Hack and/or my Facebook page for support on my cosplay and acting and just the love of Hack/Slash :) thanks!

NCR Ranger

NCR Ranger - At Ease

Kids: Inu Yasha

Monday, January 30, 2012


X-23 by Teenymeanie
Photographed by Ron Gejon

Video: What is Cosplay?

We collaborated and filmed a mini documentary on that very subject so you now have a video to use as a tool to help clear up a few misunderstandings about Cons & Cosplay!

Red Sonja

Red Sonja by Gillykins
Photographed by Elemental
"Part of a shoot I did for Futurecon’s charity calendar for Epilepsy Toronto."


My "7" and "9" costumes. I wore "7" (the character on the left) and my friend Joe wore "9". We decided we wanted to do these for DragonCon 2009 a month before the convention! (I know, an insane idea...especially with limited reference pictures! I literally had "TWO" to work with for my costume...good thing "9" was easier with more references!).

One thing I proclaim after making these: I will never sew with burlap. EVER! Again.

Joe made the props! I did everything that involved the fabric, as well as the bird helmet/mask.

Tutorial: How to fix SFX makeup

Since people were interested, here’s that tutorial I mentioned on how I fix makeup for cosplayers. Specifically for bodypaint, missing makeup, shine, and latex seams. Especially useful for trolls.

Yuzuriha Inori

Yuzuriha Inori (from Guilty Crown) by Korean cosplayer K Miyuko


Pris (from Blade Runner) by Avianna
Photographed by Elemental
Taken at Youmacon 2011


Tyrande Whisperwind

Tyrande (from World of Warcraft) by Andrewhitc

Great idea for a WoW themed wedding. This dress as a wedding gown, amazing.

Mourningstar and Typhon

Official Firefall Cosplay
Photographed by Big White Bazooka

Both costumes are by Steve Wang and his amazing team. I am just the model this time!

Kids: Captain America

Captain America

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Slave Leia

Kids: Pikachu

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scarlet Witch


Nico Robin

Nico Robin (from One Piece)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fan Film: Death Wish

"Batman: Death Wish" is a Batman fan film directed by Matthew Hiscox (Army of Two: 40th Day, Blunt Trauma) and written by Jennifer Zhang (Street Fighter High, Dead Inside).

Batman, Robin and Nightwing investigate a mysterious assailant who is targeting the kingpins of Gotham's criminal underground. As more of the rogues gallery is ensnared, a disturbing revelation about the attacker's identity takes shape.

Weapons: Zombie Insta-Kill-O-Matic

The Zombie Insta-Kill-O-Matic 3000x

The Zombie Insta-Kill-O-Matic 3000x

The DoubleStar Zombie-X AK-47 has a battery-charged and workable chainsaw attached to the end of the barrel, as well as a EOTech Zombie Stopper XPS2-Z Holographic Sight which puts a biohazard symbol on your target instead of the classic red dot. End the never-ending undead war today, or whenever these become commercial available (not soon enough, you ask me).

Ms. Marvel

Kids: She-Ra and He-Man

Little leashed She-Ra and He-Man cosplayers

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Sesshoumaru (from Inu Yasha) by Marimo
Photographed by Gon

Crossplay: Rurouni Kenshin


Bridget (from Guilty Gear)

Bridget (from Guilty Gear) by Hachimaru

Alex and Lucifer

Alex and Lucifer (from Angel Sanctuary) by LaiKa86

Kids: Wonder Baby

Baby's first Con. She's got a long childhood of costumes ahead of her.

Kids: Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive (from Black Butler)
Via: 8-bit Magic

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kids: Son

Son Gohan (from Dragon Ball Z)

Katarina (from League Of Legends)

Katarina (from League Of Legends)
Source: 9GAG

Weapons: Skyrim Daedric Sword

Evil FX from bioweapons.com is out to make himself a full on Daedric suit of armor (from Skyrim) and he is starting out with a pretty cool Daedric sword as a "test build." The one-handed sword was constructed out of heavily dremeled EVA sheet foam which is apparently perfect "for carrying around all day at conventions and passing all con/customs weapon policies." Or just make them out of Ebony bars and a Daedra heart, coat them with some poison and chop those security guards down! I am sure the bounty is cheap.

Brotherhood of Steel

Brotherhood of Steel (from Fallout)

Tattoo: Fallout 3

The three stages of my Fallout 3 tattoo. Outlines, colouring and the final result!

Toshizo Hijikata

Toshizo Hijikata (from Hakuōki) by Tasha

Okita Souji

Okita Souji (from Hakuōki) by Miyuko

Weapons: Berserk Sword

This was modeled after the sword from the Berserk anime series... and clearly, somebody is using it to compensate.

Crossplay: Sora

Sora (from Kingdom Hearts II) by studioK2


Haruko Haruhara, Canti, Mamimi Samejima, & Naota Nandaba , cosplayed by tsubaki-chan, amenokitarou, verity-niwa, & luthien-ikari.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crossplay: Charles Xavier

Professor X (from X-Men First Class) by Rayi-kun
Photographed by Hasengott

Words cannot describe how much I love this cosplay. How much I love Charles. How much I love X-MEN!

I know I look a bit too young and female, BUT I DON'T CARE CAUSE I LOVE THIS ANYWAY.

With this cosplay I fulfilled a little dream of mine, that has been growing ever since I saw this incredible movie!

Tattoo: Raptors

I'm guessing this guy is a Jurassic Park fan.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Rule 63: Princess Of Persia

Model: Meagan VanBurkleo

Doomsday vs Superman

Weeping Angels

Weeping Angels (from Doctor Who) by Leah Riley
 Photographed at DragonCon 2010

The really great thing about Doctor Who cosplay is that you're probably working with just about the same budget as the actual television production company had to work with.  As a result, Whovian cosplay is usually much closer to the mark than other fandoms.


Lightning (from Final Fantasy XIII) by Neko-tin
Photographed by Faranor

Props: Giant Spider Puppet

Accessory: Dragon Claw Gauntlets

Dragon Claw Gauntlets by Whitedragonleather
You want your costume to get noticed? These are the way to go!! They are made to fit a wide range of people but if you have really large or small hands, let me know and we can resize them accordingly. They are surprisingly comfortable articulate with your wrist for ease of movement.

We create leather armor. Everything that we sell is 100% handmade from beginning to end by my husband (male armor) and myself (female armor).

Yoko Littner

Photographed by Stregatt0