Friday, May 24, 2013

Crossplay: Mordecai

Mordecai (from Borderland 2) by Laura (Total Havok)

Photographed by Mike of PhotoSumi at ACen 2013
"Here’s one of two shoots I knew I would be shooting over the weekend, and was excited to do so. Anton’s Mordecai from Borderlands 2 is amazing, and Laura made some improvements on it since the last shoot. Apart from some minor apparel fixes, there were a few big changes.
To start, the bottle of booze he was carrying around all day is no longer a Game of Thrones brew with the label partially scratched off. We took a new bottle and cleanly removed the label to replace it with Laura’s custom made Black Label… labels. drink up!

Next we have Mordecai’s sword. It wasn’t functional last time a round, and by that I mean you couldn’t remove it from the sheath. That’s no longer a problem. 

Finally we’ve got Baby Bloodwings head and egg. Laura made an entirely new head for her and then an eggshell for her to sit in. Awww. Awesome job, Laura! See more of her stuff HERE. More to come…"




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