Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Group: Voltron Force

Voltron Force (5 Person assembling Epic Costume) by Voltron5
Via: Neatorama
"Hello everyone, I am known to all my friends as Crazy Ray. I would like to start by telling you how I was motivated to make a 5 person assembling costume named VOLTRON FORCE. I was at a Halloween party when I saw some of the most inspiring costumes. I decided to make a costume that was dear to my heart and what better costume to choose then the DEFENDERS OF THE UNIVERSE! Woop woop!!!!"

"Making a 5 person costumes in a matter of 2 months was definitely pushing it. Don’t get me wrong, I was doing 10 months of research and advance purchases building my game plan. I built this costume all by myself inside of a 2 car garage."
"I used a wide variety of all build techniques: Foam cutting and gluing, fiberglass, sewing, liquid plastic coating, riveting, bolting and painting. My hands hurt and my body aches so I hope you enjoy my step by step tutorial."

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