Monday, May 12, 2014

Fresh Take: Wonder Woman

"My new Wonder Woman suit!!!

I was trying to wait for a movie to come out before making a real life armored suit…..but when I saw this one from Rainfall Productions Wonder Woman trailer it was on! I couldn’t wait anymore.

This piece I made in a week thanks to my leather genus of a friend Mickey Flint….just in time for a toys for tots charity I did.

Let’s start from the top….the tiara is a headband with warbla shaped over top. It was covered with gold rub and buff then paint brushed with black acrylic paint for aging.

The bodice is a suede fabric backed with thick lining and boning for support. The brown is a thin leather and the armor is warbla based with hard leather wet molded on top. All attached to the bodice so theres less movement. The armor was covered in silver and gold rub and buff….scratched and painted for aging and wear.

The skirt is entirely of leather. The flaps are a thin leather backed with black fabric for weight. The scale armor is a harder leather with silver rub and buff. All attached to a belt that ties. Underneath is the classic Wonder Woman undies….don’t want to change a good thing.

The belt is leather, with a red leather holster for the lasso and the buckle is based with warbla and then topped with hard leather. Again rub and buffed with gold and silver.

The rest of the armor is all leather! If you look closely at the design I altered I made the leg armor with the w signs. And the bracers with the eagle design. So I have both classic looks on one cosplay. All colored and aged the same way as the rest.

So here it is! A huge thank you to John Corley Photography for making this amazing piece come to life! Can’t wait to see you all at the cons :)"

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