Friday, December 14, 2012


Flemeth (from Dragon Age 2) by VegaSailor
Photographed by Shun Al Hiyashi
"Top: Sewn from scratch by me out of high quality upholstery pleather, when seen up close the fabric looks like scales. I hand hot glued every single one of the studs in a 12 hour stretch on a Saturday. Has corset style lacing in the back, so I could adjust it as I gained or lost weight before con."

"Skirt: made of two layers of chiffon, billows beautifully in the wind. Held together by a gold safety so that I could adjust the skirt as I gained or lost weight.

Armor: Made by entirely out of craft foam, layers of Kilz 2 latex primer, rustoleum silver paint and Liquitex varnish! Very light and withstood me climbing around on some stone structures for a photoshoot with very little damage!"

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