Thursday, December 13, 2012


Meru (from Legend of Dragoon) by Dessi-Desu
Photographed by Anna Fischer at Katsucon 2012
"I couldn't help myself and just had to put this photo up. I love the setting in this image to bits. I think it reflects the Legend of Dragoon aesthetic and it was even brought to my attention that this is like the town of Fletz, especially with the light reflected off the water."

Photographed by LJinto at Katsucon 2012
"This costume has been a dream cosplay of mine, ever since I first played the game, when I was in middle school. I took a great deal of care in considering my material choices, so that they would be reflective of the Legend of Dragoon aesthetic, but also reflect the fact that Meru is a dancer. I used a combination of vinyl, faux leather, and casa satin. All of the details are satin stitched on to create a more polished appearance. This cosplay was my first adventure in learning to satin stitch and I learned quite a bit, while doing it."

Photographed by Anna Fischer at Otakon 2011
"The second time I wore this costume at Katsucon I had my giant hammer prop (can be seen in this image [link]), which made this costume more fun to wear. The head of the hammer is lightweight and made out of corrugated cardboard, expanding foam, paper mache. Paper mache and craft foam were used for the raised details."

Photographed by Anna Fischer at Otakon 2011
"I ended up not being very pleased with the red contacts I received in the mail, and thought they were too harsh/fake for a whimsical character like Meru. I found a nicer pair that I plan on ordering. My hammer is also currently in the works, so hopefully next time I wear this cosplay I'll be 100% wingly-fied and be able to vary my poses more."

Costume can be seen at 2:22 in MLZStudio's Katsucon video.

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