Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Caitlyn and Vi

Caitlyn and Vi (from League of Legends)

Caitlyn cosplayed by KawaiiTine
Vi cosplayed by Christina
"What can I say? We managed to make one of the first pair-up cosplay's of Vi and Caitlyn from League of Legends. My friend, Christina, who cosplayed Vi, made everything herself! Creds to her for being so creative!

Me, well, I did not make everything. Still in the learning phase. But I fixed and pimped It up, made the shoes and stuff. As long as you carry the character right It shouldn't be a problem as people say. However. I am making new magnifying glasses for the gun and the hat. Also making even more details so It gets even more fancy. I'm a detail-freak from hell, lol.
I'm also planning on making a new dress asap.

However, enjoy the "PILTOVERS FINEST" buff. I enjoy this couple so much."

"So, what can I say?

I really love Caitlyn from League of Legends. I have been cosplaying her for like half a year now and I keep upgrading the cosplay. I cannot take credit for It all. But I have however "pimped" It up. I made the boots, fixed the belts, added crafting foram to spots. And new magnifying glasses are going onto the gun and the hat as we speak.

I am also going to fix more on the boots. I miss a few details as you can see. Likewise with the dress. Going to make it a tad shorter and add the stripes. Unless they make a visual update for her of course? I have noticed Riot have been doing that alot latley.

Hope you at least enjoy this awesome picture that was taken by my awesome little sister!"

Photographed by Danarki (Bottom Left) and Sophie Riis (Bottom Right)

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