Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kids: Delirium

My daughter Helena as Delirium

Death and Delirium (from Sandman)
Photographed by at Vancouver Fan Expo

Death cosplayed by Dezi-Desire
Delirium cosplayed by Helena
"My daughter Helena as Delirium and myself as Death from Sandman at Vancouver Fan Expo!"
"I’ve cosplayed for years, so my daughter has grown up seeing me in all kinds of costumes, but outside of Halloween stuff hadn’t taken much interest in dressing up herself so I never pushed the idea of cosplaying on her. Some of her favorite books in her collection are the little endless books about Deliriums adventures, she’s even shown them off at show and tell at school. So I’d been talking to her about this upcoming con I was going to and working at and she excitedly asked me if she could dress up as Delirium and have me go with her as Death. I was beyond excited at her request and quickly whipped these costumes up for us! Was so fun having her along with me and she really loved coming with me to a con for the first time. It was also awesome having her be the one who wanted to do the costume as she was in character the whole time introducing herself as Delirium and singing about her fishy balloon, even had her stuffed dog “Maribelle” cosplay with her as Barnabas."

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